DART Audio Resoration and Noise Reduction Software. DART Audio Resoration and Noise Reduction Software. DART Audio Resoration and Noise Reduction Software.
DART Audio Resoration and Noise Reduction Software. DART Audio Resoration and Noise Reduction Software.
DART Audio Resoration and Noise Reduction Software. DART Audio Resoration and Noise Reduction Software. DART Audio Resoration and Noise Reduction Software.
DART Audio Resoration and Noise Reduction Software. DART Audio Resoration and Noise Reduction Software.

DART Audio Resoration and Noise Reduction Software.

General FAQ Page


What is the difference between the DART Pro line of software and the CD-Recorder line?

"DART Pro" software is the professional tool for Audio restoration. It features many tools which allow you to restore music and convert them onto CD's. The main differences between the two lines of product is that "DART Pro" software allows the user to work on the file at the sample level. You can actually see the sine wave and work within the file itself to achieve an outstanding level of precision and restoration capability. The "DART CD-Recorder" allows you to work on a file in a batch mode, and it's main strengths are it's user friendliness and being easy to learn.

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Does DART Software require any special hardware?

DART® restoration software does not require any specialized hardware to run— any 486 DX or faster computer equipped with Windows '95 or better and a 16-bit sound card will do, but to create CD's you do need a CD-R or CD-RW device.


Besides LP to CD, what other mediums can I record from onto CD?

Depending on the software version you have, you can create an audio CD from Records, Cassettes, Midi, MP3, WMA, Wav, Mini Disc, Radio, DAT Tapes or any audio that comes in through your soundcard or an audio input device.

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I purchase an unlockable version of the software and now I need a new code. How can I get another unlock code?
Registered users can always get an unlock code free of charge at our Unlock Menu. Just select the product you wish to unlock and follow the links. All you need is the E-mail address and zip code you entered when you purchased the product.

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Why did my Code Entry or Computer ID changed and what do I do now?

The Code Entry and Computer ID numbers are generated from information gathered from your Bios and hard drive. If you make any changes to hardware or if you get a new hard drive, you will need a new unlock code. Registered users can always generate a new unlock code at our Unlock Menu.

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How much music can I get into a standard CD?

Most of the CD's available on the market today will hold a maximum of 74 minutes worth of music. DART Software does not support overburning of CD's.

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Can I listen to the CD on any audio CD player?

This limitation is dependant on the Recording device that you are using. Most of the devices on the market will allow you to create music CD's that you can play on any Redbook audio compatible player. However many of the CD players have limited tolerances and require accurately written and high quality CDs. So you may have to record at 2X or even 1X and use high quality (gold) media. Also, most players will not play CD-RW media. You must record using CD-R media.

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Can I use standard CD-R media or do I need those expensive Audio CD's?

DART Software allows you to use any type of recordable media. You can use any brand of media you wish, just remember that some of the less expensive media is more prone to errors.

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Is there a special pricing for registered users if they wish to upgrade?

Registered owners of DART Software are always entitled to upgrade pricing and special offers. Please contact us for the current upgrade prices.

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What is Direct-X or Direct-X plugins?

Direct-X is a technology developed by Microsoft that allows developers to create plug-ins that can be used from within different programs. This allows you to use our plugins inside any program that is Direct-X compatible, and it also allows you to use plugins written by anyone else inside our program. For more information, please read the Microsoft Direct-X website

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Why is my CD-R or CD-RW not being recognized by the program?

First, make sure that you have the latest update installed on your machine. If the program still does not recognize your Recording device, it may be one of these three reasons:
  1. The Recording device is a newer model in the market and it's drivers have not been implemented into the software. Whenever a manufacturer creates a new recording device, we must write and incorporate the drivers for it into our DART software. We are constantly updating our drivers database, so please check back often.
  2. The Recording device you own is not compatible with our software. If your particular device does not feature "Disc-at-Once" recording it is not compatible with our software and will never be. To view a list of compatible devices, go to our Supported Device Page.
  3. Your Recording device is not installed properly. Please check to make sure your device is working properly. Many manufacturer websites offer a great deal of support and updates to firmware versions which may fix bugs found on the hardware.
You can always look for supported Recording devices at our Supported Device Page.

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How do I get sound into my computer?

All you need is a cable that will connect from the line out of your audio source into the line in of the existing soundcard in your computer. Most sound cards will accept a 1/8' Stereo mini-plug similar to the one's on the headphones of personal stereo's.

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I can hear sound through my speakers, but I don't see the VU meter's moving and nothing is being recorded. How do I fix this?

The reason this is happening is that you must enable and select the input device for your soundcard. To do this, double-click on the icon on your taskbar next to the clock that looks like a speaker. You will see the "Volume Control" appear on screen. Click the "Options" menu and select the "Properties" menu item. When the "Properties" form appears, select the "Adjust volume for: Recording" option and make sure that all available volume controls are selected. Now click on "OK". Now the "Recording Control" will appear. Make sure that the control that you have selected to input audio (usually "Line In") is at least 3/4 of the way up and that the "select" box at the bottom is checked. If the correct control is not "selected" you will not be able to record any music.

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Do I need a special sound card for this?

No. Most sound cards available today are compatible with the software. Just remember that the better the soundcard, the better the sound quality though.

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Which Sound Card would be good to use with DART PRO 32 or CD-Recorder?

Any Windows compatible sound card can be used, but here are some that work well—
  • Audiotrix Pro
    Street $99
    Good low price card that's a step above a sound Blaster both in digital audio and MIDI. For example a SB signal to noise is in the low 70dB range while this card is in the mid 80's
  • Audiotrix 3DXG
    Street $199
    Newer version of the card listed above. Has the BEST MIDI synth of any sound card available today.
  • Soundtrack 97 PCI
    Street $199
    A new multimedia sound card with wavetable synth. It's a plug and play 20 bit recording card with audio specs in the low 90's. There's also a digital daughterboard option.
  • Multiwave Analog Pro 24 Street
    Street $425
    This is the highest quality analog recording card available. It's over 105dB and records up to 24 bit audio. A great product.

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Can you run DART Pro 32 under Windows 3.1?

No, none of the current DART products will run under Windows 3.1. In fact, if you try to use the DART CD-ROM with Windows 3.1, the system will not even see the CD-ROM.

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Is there a Mac version coming?

Sorry, but at this time there are no plans to create a Mac Version of our software.

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The sound quality of my new CD's is poor or in some cases the new CDs won't play in some CD players. What is the cause of the problem

There are three possibilities that need to be considered:
  • The CD media is poor quality or is not certified for the CD-R/W write speed that is being used.
  • The CD-R/W drive is dirty and the lazer is being deflected.
  • The CD-R/W drive is not aligned properly for the write speed that is being used.

When creating audio CDs, you can have problems with the sound. The CD-R/W may work without any problems while archiving the data, but have serious audio quality problems. Far and away, the biggest quality problem results from using blank media that is of poor quality or is not certified for the write speed that is being used. When buying the blank CDs, make sure you look to see what write speeds they are certified for and then use that speed when writing.

If the media is correctly certified, then try writing at 2x speed. If this does not alter the results, the drive may be dirty. Get a CD-R cleaning kit and clean the CD-R/W drive. If this does not correct the problem, then it is possible that the drive is not working properly. The lazer may be misaligned or the drive firmware may be out of date. Update the firmware if you can.

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